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The Beats

Access - all our beats have now been checked out after the winter and late start to the season; the keepers have checked all the stiles and ladders and strimmed the paths and car parks. The one exception is the true left bank belonging to the Merricks at Steeple Langford imminently due attention. There are tasks carried over from last season like putting some ladders in on beat D. So if members have any good ideas for improvements - please email me

Stocking - we managed to stock beats K,L,D,E heavily in the middle of last month; we stock D,E again and F,F,H,I on the 18th June; please, please fish and take them - there are otters around and I would rather you took them!

Water Quality - I think that the turbidity is clearing up now and it is possible to see fish. Some good rain is overdue but the levels are still ok for this time of year and the river is holding fish well; I had an excellent time on the bottom of beat E last week - despite fishing in the middle of the day overcast with no mayfly, the stockies were taking fly.

Let me know if you have ideas for the river


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