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Club Info

We are a small friendly club with members spread all over the UK and a few in continental Europe. As a club, we have about 5 miles of chalkstream waters on the upper, middle and lower Wylye and middle and lower Nadder rivers (all just above Salisbury).


The beats vary from small and intimate at the upper sections to significantly wider in the bottom beats. They are all wading beats and kept wild but fishable! We also have two rods on Tuesdays and Thursdays on a 1 mile stretch of the Frome just above Dorchester and new this year we have some days a week on an 800m section of mill stream of the River Wylye.
A number of beats on the Wylye are catch and release which has been very successful with these becoming some of our most visited and prolific water. We do stock the remaining beats for those members who still wish to take stocked trout for the table (stocked trout are approx. 1lb) but stocking is done in moderation and we are moving (slowly) towards more catch and release strategy. 
You can see the catch returns which are posted on the Website Blog; Beats A/B/C/M and P on the Wylye and beats N and O on the Frome are catch and release, the rest (D to L) are lightly stocked beats.
There are regular activities organised over the season such as beat maintenance days, re-wilding and habitat projects, electric fishing and invertebrate monitoring that members are invited to participate in. The club regularly invites new members to join from its waiting list and at the moment is at its membership capacity, the likely waitlist time would be about three years. 
The membership fee is £430 per year and there is a small joining fee the first year (currently £80) which includes guiding or a lesson by the club coach. All of the beats are best fished by wading and members are free to turn up and fish on any of the beats with only the Frome beat requiring booking as we are limited to 2 rods on the 2 days a week we have access. 

The club ethos is about trust and respect for the waters, as such we aim to have the minimum number of rules to protect our wonderful beats. The website photos are all from our beats. The club methods are upstream dry fly and nymph but we also allow dry dropper and modern nymphing methods too – we try to be progressive.  


After the close of the trout season we have beats open for Grayling fishing and we also allow members to fish for pike on the fly.


If this sounds interesting and you’d like to be added to our waiting list, then please get in touch via the contact us form or on the club email with your name and contact details.  We are always keen to give prospective members a quick call, to answer any questions and explain more about the club and its ethos

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