Still taking Mayfly

Another visit to Wylye village yesterday. Fished from 2.30 - 6pm.

Weather cloudy with odd spot of rain, light breeze. River low and quite clear.

Fished beat K starting at the A303 road bridge. The river is so low that I was able to wade underneath the bridge where a pod of fish were rising to Mayfly. Had 3 wild brownies and lost a good stocky; missed another 3 rises.

Moved up to the top of the beat, again Mayfly coming off. Great sport, 3 stocked fish, 5 wild brownies and a nice 12” grayling. The rises were sporadic but if you covered it with good presentation they would take the fly.

Tackle was 9’ 4wt rod with WF4 floating fly line. 7’ 3x tapered leader with 3’ 4x tippet. All fish came to a size 12 cream wulff.

The stocked fish were easy to identify because of the dye marks on the belly. I took my 3 because they taste great when fillets oven baked with a pesto and parmesan breadcrumb crust ( one of the ways I can get wife and son to eat fish)

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