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2023 Season Catch reporting & season start

Dear WFFC members, the new season will shortly be upon us, starting APRIL 16th. The 2023 club membership books and car windscreen cards will be sent out by Bill very shortly.

This year we continue to request that members electronically report their catches to help the club keep track of how beats are performing. This includes reporting if you blank please!

Matt has created the forms in Google Docs. They take under a minute to complete and can be accesed from your smartphone or computer using the following link which I suggest you bookmark:

Please complete one form per beat that you fish in a visit (for example: if you fished B and C beats on a visit then please complete 2 forms, one for B beat and another for C beat to differentiate your catch). The simplest thing is do it in your car after you've packed everything away so its done and not forgotten.

Note that for 2023, all stocked fish in beats D/E, F/G/H/I and K/L will be marked by a plastic tag by the dorsal fin to make them easier to identify; these will be a different colour to the yellow tag used last year and I will send out details when we know the tag colour. In future years, other different coloured tags will be used so we can see any stockies that over winter between seasons.

Wishing all the members a great season with many bent rods and screaming reels.

Please let Matt ( and me ( know if you have any questions

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