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Get a grip 2

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Following on from my first blog on “Get a grip”,are the pros and cons of each grip.

Thumb on top:

Pros -

Thumbnail acts as pointer. Want the rod and therefore the fly line to move in a straight line, them move your thumbnail in a straight line.

Easy grip to understand. Pretend your shaking hands with the fly rod with the thumb on top and there you go.

Cons -

If you want to move your hand and arm up and out from your body as in distance casting, this grip can cause tracking ( keeping the rod moving in straight line) problems.

Thumb and Index finger to the side:

Pros -

Provides unimpaired movement and flexibility when casting.

Cons -

Not as good for accuracy.

Index finger on top:

Pros -

Helps prevent excessive wrist break and index finger acts as pointer like thumb.

Cons -

Not good for heavy outfits.

Can put a lot of strain on your index finger and hand.

Index finger to the side:


Helps prevent excessive wrist break and is stronger than the previous grip.

Cons -

Promotes a very wristy action which is not suitable for everyone.

Whatever grip you use it needs to be relaxed and comfortable, while still being in control of the rod. You might find yourself using different grips depending on the situation.

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