Farewell Martijn

Yesterday, the Club thanked Martijn for all his project work on our water. For new members, he arrived from the Netherlands in 2013 as the new Wessex Chalk Stream Project Officer and in the ensuing years restored habitat on the Wylye at Steeple Langford and Quidhampton and Nadder downstream over three years; he then became the CEO of the Wessex Rivers Trust and now sadly returns home - to the EU!

So the Club acknowledged his contribution with a lesson from our professional coach Matt in the morning, a chummy picnic prepared by moi - who says that real men don't eat Quiche!! And then armed with his new skills, he caught a fish guided by moi at 14 hatches on the Wylye. The club and our rivers have a lot to be grateful to him for and we wish him well.

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