Cracking wildie from beat C!!

Take a look at this beauty caught by Tom a new member. I think another member Chris caught this a week or so a go but unfortunately did not get a photo opportunity. Tom saw the beast one day but it made a retreat for cover. It stayed in his mind and like all good anglers went back the next day and tempted it with a small black dry fly - happy days.

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24 returns. 85 wild brown, 5 stocked fish,1 non tagged stock fish and 12 grayling caught. Beat A: 4 visits with 16 wbt*and 3 grayling. * wild brown trout. Beat B: 1 visit with 1 wbt caught. Beat C: 3

Dear WFFC members, the new season will shortly be upon us, starting APRIL 16th. The 2022 club membership books and car windscreen cards will be sent out by Bill very shortly. This year we continue to