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Superb wild brownie

Check out this beauty caught by a member on Beat C who on the same day landed a huge trout on beat A. Unfortunately no picture of that leviathan but he’s an honest man and not prone to fishy stories. Great signs that the no stocking policy is beginning to show promise. Always remember it takes a long time for wild brownies to reach breeding size.

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Total visits : 13. Wild Brown Trout (WBT) caught 14. Grayling caught (Gr) 3 Beat A: 1 visit. No fish caught Beat B: 2 visits. No fish caught Beat C: 1 visit. No fish caught Beat D: 1 visit. No fish ca

Total visits : 20. Wild Brown Trout (WBT) caught 58. Non tagged stocked trout caught (NTS) 17. Grayling caught (Gr) 12 Beat A: No visits. Beat B: 2 visits. 4 WBT and 1 Gr caught. Gr was 18" and a PB.

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