Don’t get angry with me!!

Caught this beautiful wild brownie today at Steeple Langford beat C. I know it’s not a Grayling but wanted to post it to show that our no stocking policy seems to be working. It never left the water and was released to hopefully breed more wildies.

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For those of you who would like to fish for Grayling this winter please get in contact with Matthew Gregory for a digital catch return form. Please don’t use the present form which is just for the tro

For the first time all our beats except Wilton House will be open for Grayling fishing until March 14th. Please be extra careful when driving on to beats because winter weather can make them difficult

19 returns and total fish caught 133 Beat A: 1 return, 0 fish caught. Beat B: 1 return, 5 wild brownies and 4 grayling. Beat C: 4 returns, 15 wild brownies and 5 grayling. Beat D: 1 return, 8 wild bro