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Nymphing Techniques

We are now allowed to fish weighted nymphs on our waters. A practice which is often frowned upon by Chalk-stream purists but if you want the opportunity of catching trout and grayling especially in the day, then its a skill worth learning - plus it’s fun to learn new things.

There’s two main ways to nymph on chalk streams.

  1. To sighted fish. Here you spot a fish nymphing and you cast your nymph above it and let it run down to the fish. You watch the fish for signs of a take. Very visual and exciting. Follow this link to see Oliver Edwards give a demo.

  2. Search fishing. Here you search the water placing your nymph in likely runs and pools. This is when you can’t spot fish. Again check out Mr Edwards giving a demo on this technique.

One of the main problems novices have especially when search fishing is spotting the take. Traditionally you check the end of your fly line for signs of a take but this can be difficult especially in fast water. To get round this problem you could use a sight indicator or dry fly/ dropper rig to help you detect takes but both practices are not allowed. Check out the following link to see a demo on this - Now I don’t want to cause a stir or fly in the face of tradition but I look at the catch returns and I think all of us now and then could’ve used a helping hand!

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