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Fly Fishing Magazines with a difference

Most of you will be well acquainted with the usual monthly fly fishing magazines you see on your news agent shelves (Trout and Salmon / Fly Fishing & Fly Tying), but during the miserable winter I came across a couple that offer something different and may be of interest to you.

Both Fly Culture and Fly Fishing Journal are published quarterly and offer a different take on the usual magazines (link to websites in the magazine names). They are direct publications so you will not find them in your newsagents.

To quote them:

"Published quarterly, Fly Culture is a fly fishing journal of high quality writing and photographs that capture the essence of what fly fishing means to us all"


"The Fly Fishing Journal is a premium quality coffee table publication that celebrates everything great about fly fishing – including the latest tactics and tips from expert contributors, fly tying inspiration, and awe-inspiring destination pieces"

If you are looking for a change from the usual magazine offerings then it may be worth taking a look at these indepent alternatives

[note I continue to buy both of these magazines myself]

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