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Catch returns: 04.10 - 14.10.21

19 returns and total fish caught 133

Beat A: 1 return, 0 fish caught.

Beat B: 1 return, 5 wild brownies and 4 grayling.

Beat C: 4 returns, 15 wild brownies and 5 grayling.

Beat D: 1 return, 8 wild brownies and 3 grayling.

Beat E: 1 return, 5 wild brownies.

Beat F: 2 returns, 9 wild brownies, 1 stocked brownie and 8 grayling.

Beat H: 3 returns, 15 wild brownies, 5 stocked brownies and 4 grayling.

Beat I: 3 returns, 14 wild brownies, 2 stocked brownies and 9 grayling.

Beat K: 3 returns, 15 wild brownies, 4 stocked brownies and 2 grayling.

Last catch return of the season.

Remember Grayling fishing allowed up till March 14th.

Best wishes for the rest of the year, Matt.

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Nov 14, 2021

Hi Jon

Been thinking about that. Just keep a record at the moment while I have a play with google docs etc. Would be nice to create a different form so that we can start collecting data on grayling fishing which I think will increase over time.

Cheers Matt


Unknown member
Nov 14, 2021

Matt, what are you looking for with Grayling fishing returns through March? Should we use the Google forms to feedback catches (like during normal season), direct mail you or no need to return?

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