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Alex fishing at 14 hatches on Thursday..

As the winner of a WTT auction this year, I was really looking forward to a day venturing into the unknown on two new rivers to me, the Wylye and Nadder. Obviously the night before was mostly spent working out my excuses for not catching, I settled on it being a 30c+ day with crystal blue skies and not knowing the rivers.

Arriving at the river at 10:00, and after a brief socially-distanced run down from Bryan, we lined up and walked over to the Wylye. Having started with a Mayfly pattern and getting a number of splashy rises (including 2nd cast), I downsized to a smaller dry and worked my way up the river. The water was crystal clear, and in fantastic condition, with a good mixture of small pools and riffles. Although there wasn’t a great hatch or many rises to naturals, the wild brownies were happy to rise all morning to a #16 olive pattern in any likely place. Plenty were caught and returned, many more missed or lost for another day.

Following a quick bite to eat, I then ventured over to the Nadder. The difference in the two rivers in such close proximity was striking. Equally well-managed but a totally different river to fish with some deep pools. Fishing in the afternoon was naturally harder, but I managed to pick up a couple of lovely grayling to end the day.

All in all a fantastic day, and it was obvious to see the hard work put in by the club, great hospitality from Bryan, and pleased to put those excuses back in the box for another year.



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