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Mayfly at Wylye Village

Fished beat L at Wylye Village yesterday from 3pm till 7pm.

Weather was cloudy with a moderate downstream wind and considerably colder.

Water clarity was good and water level has dropped a lot. Weed growing well.

Tackle set up was 9’ 4wt rod with WF4 line. 6’ tapered leader to 6lb, with 3’ tippet down to 5lb. Used 3 dry flies - Mohican Mayfly, Cream Wolff and Goddard poly May; all size 12.

Mayflies came off regularly but not in vast numbers and rises were sporadic. Managed to rise 20 or so fish but only caught 8 wild brownies to about a 1lb and one nice 14” grayling. My aim was to catch a stockie for the pot but they proved elusive. We’ve put a hundred in split between beats K and L but they were not playing ball. Sod’s law I hooked a good one at the end only for it to come off.

Challenging fishing but good fun.

Any questions email

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