Beware poachers afoot at 14 Hatches!

Evidence of poaching was found at 14 Hatches on 15th June. A stop net was found bundled up, hidden in the bush and has been taken away and destroyed.  It was by the vehicle track leading from the carpark down to the river tucked in the bushes on the right. This is the ford across the river to the gate on the other side. It was found by one of my volunteer water wardens on anti - poacher duty. Members should be aware of this deliberate poaching to net off the pool blew below 14 hatches.  Please keep a look out for people who do not look like member of the club.  We have now invesedt in stocking the river there.

I will report the incident to rural police and in the hope that they will target 14 hatches with some drone surveillance. Such activity without a members car parked in the carpark will ALWAYS be suspicious!

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